Northcarolina The Sorcerer King Of Destruction And The Golem Of The Barbarian Queen
A young man was summoned to another world as the “Sorcerer King of Destruction” to destroy this world while he was still dressed in his lame pajamas. However, he was a relatively rational human, and the only thing “destructive” about him was his naming sense. He didn’t have any particular desires to destroy the world. Furthermore, an unforeseen accident occurred right after the summoning. Because of this, the summoner’s control over the young man was lost and allowed him to act accor
SiegVamillon the blue eyes fairy
After dying for God's sake and reliving him in the world of fairy tail with a system he swore to himself that he would have a free life while joining the fairy tail guild MC: Take Erza as a wife, ready mc: join fairy tail, ready mc: to become strong enough so that even agnology scares me, in the process
Annual Ruthlessness Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Synopsis "Lin Yi transmigrated into the world of Xianxia and found himself bound with a Supreme Downloading System. For a man who could not be more ordinary, he b
Kajack Death God System
In an unknown land.. far from the scrutiny of knowing eyes... Death was rearing its head once again... A young man on Earth had met with an untimely demise, his soul taken and tampered forced into a strange body on a different plane. He didn't know what he was or who he was. Follow along his journey to unravel the mystery that is his existence, a man armed with Death and a System _________...